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Product Description

Product Description


Welcome to HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Introducing our innovative NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system:


  • Utilizes NH3 as the refrigerant for the high temperature stage
  • Utilizes CO2 as the refrigerant for the low temperature stage
  • Efficient evaporation of NH3 in the high temperature level system
  • Condenses CO2 gas from the low temperature level
  • Condensation evaporator connects high and low temperature levels
  • Acts as both condenser for low temperature level and evaporator for high temperature level


  • Enhanced cooling performance
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Optimal temperature control
  • Reliable refrigeration system
  • Compact design for space-saving installation

Experience superior refrigeration technology with our NH3/CO2 cascade system. Contact us today for more information!


Product Description

Introducing the innovative cascade refrigeration system by HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. This cutting-edge system efficiently transfers heat load using CO2 and NH3 refrigerants, ensuring optimal cooling performance. The CO2 refrigerant absorbs heat in the end evaporator, which is then transferred to the high-temperature NH3 refrigerant in the condensing evaporator. The high-temperature NH3 refrigerant releases heat to the environment through the high-temperature condenser, completing the refrigeration cycle.

The condensed CO2 flows into the CO2 reservoir, then passes through the CO2 gas-liquid separator via the dryer filter and throttle valve. With the help of the CO2 circulation pump, the liquid CO2 is directed to the CO2 evaporator for efficient cooling. The gaseous CO2 is compressed by the compressor and returned to the condensing evaporator, ensuring a continuous cycle for optimal cooling performance.

Experience superior cooling efficiency and reliability with the cascade refrigeration system from HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Upgrade your refrigeration setup today!

Product Description:

Introducing the NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System from HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. This innovative system utilizes separate high and low-temperature refrigeration systems, each with its own unique components.

High-Temperature NH3 Refrigeration System:

  • Includes refrigeration compressor, condenser, liquid storage, gas-liquid separator, and throttling device.

Low-Temperature CO2 Refrigeration System:

  • Comprises CO2 compressor, condensing evaporator, reservoir, gas-liquid separator, filter dryer, pump, throttling device, evaporator, and expansion vessel.

Experience efficient cooling and precise temperature control with our NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System. Trust HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. for all your refrigeration needs.

CO2 Gas-Liquid Separator by HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

The CO2 gas-liquid separator is essential for separating CO2 gas droplets in a compression refrigeration system. It prevents compressor wet stroke, maintains stable liquid levels during pump operation, and safely stores liquid when the pump is inactive. The separator doubles as a reservoir for CO2, ensuring system efficiency. Additionally, an auxiliary evaporator prevents excessive CO2 pressure post-shutdown.

In NH3/CO2 cascade systems, the condensing evaporator serves as both the NH3 evaporator and CO2 condenser. This unique design optimizes heat absorption and liquid condensation for superior refrigeration performance.

Advantages of NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration System


  • Reduced NH3 unsafe factors:
    • NH3/CO2 cascade system reduces NH3 condensing pressure by 1/10 compared to traditional systems.
    • NH3 is confined to designated areas, enhancing safety.
    • Efficient heat transfer properties of NH3 utilized in high-temperature regions.
  • CO2 ensures safety in personnel-intensive areas and warehouses.
  • CO2 functions as a low-temperature work medium, utilizing its high heat transfer efficiency.

Experience the benefits of the NH3/CO2 cascade refrigeration system from HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Product Parameters

Compressor type Piston, screw

enough condenser heat exchanger surface

Fan type Axial fan:High degree of protection, large Air flow, low noise
Unit kinds Open type, box type, side discharge type
Cooled type Air cooled
Refrigeration type R717;R507;R22;CO2
Copper tube connector  fitting reducer
Place to assemble

Indoor/out door(concrete construction building/steel

 construction building).

Voltage 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ etc

Automatic electric controller, PLC


1 Year

Case material

The galvanized sheet is coated with plastic powdered painted

Quality Assurance

2.6Mpa leak-proof stress test       


Plywood box and pallet

We are a manufacturer, we can customize products for you according to your requirements.If you don’t know which model is suitable for you, you could send message to us.We have several professional engineers to make a customized solution for you.

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Other Products

Our company’s main products are Condensing units,Air Cooler,Evaporative condenser,Freezer,Cold Room Doors,
Cold storage panels,
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Product Description:

HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a wide range of refrigeration products including condenser units, screw compressors, cold storage systems, and refrigeration parts. Our products are designed for various applications such as cold rooms, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, and truck refrigeration systems. With attributes like air-cooled design and industrial water cooling source, our products offer efficient and reliable refrigeration solutions for diverse needs.

Condensing units

HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. offers high-quality condenser units with screw compressors for cold storage. Our refrigeration systems are ideal for various applications, including cold rooms and walk-in freezers. Choose from a range of air-cooled units suitable for industrial water sources in open systems.

Air Cooler

HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. offers high-quality refrigeration units with screw compressors for cold storage. Our compressors are ideal for various refrigeration systems including cold rooms and walk-in freezers.

Evaporative condenser

HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. offers top-quality Condenser Units with Screw Compressors for Cold Storage. Our Air-Cooled units are perfect for Industrial Water sources in Open Systems.


HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. offers high-quality condenser units with screw compressors for cold storage. Our air-cooled units are ideal for industrial water sources in open systems.

Cold Room Doors

HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. offers high-quality condenser units with screw compressors for cold storage. Our refrigeration equipment includes compressors and parts for various systems, including walk-in freezers and truck refrigeration systems. Choose from air-cooled units with industrial water as the cooling source for efficient operation in open systems.

Cold storage panels

If you seek more products, simply click on the product name or image.

Company Profile

Welcome to HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Established in 2011 in the picturesque coastal city of HangZhou, we specialize in industrial and commercial freezing and cold storage solutions. Our high-tech enterprise is dedicated to research, development, design, manufacturing, and sales of refrigeration systems and equipment.


  • Advanced technology-driven solutions
  • Comprehensive range of refrigeration systems
  • Customized design options
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Efficient cooling and storage solutions
  • Reliable performance in industrial settings
  • Tailored solutions to meet specific needs
  • Expert guidance and support

Contact us today for all your refrigeration system needs!

Company Name: HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company holds over 10 national technology patents and is dedicated to continuous research and development of high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly refrigeration systems. We specialize in designing high-efficiency refrigeration units, energy-saving barrel pumps, PLC intelligent program control boxes, and more.

We offer program design and equipment customization for various projects, including food quick-freezing storage, food cold storage, ultra-low temperature cold storage, medicine storage, fruit and vegetable air-conditioning storage, workshop air conditioning, quick-freezing, freeze-drying, and thawing devices.




Our Advantages


HangZhou Bingyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offering customers innovative and efficient refrigeration system solutions. Our products are designed with scientific precision to meet your needs. We provide top-notch engineering services and reliable after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction.

Bingyan provides comprehensive services including sales, design, construction and after-sales service

1.The sales department accurately understands and grasps customer needs,accurately conveys customer intentions, andmaintains close communication with customers Cut communication.
2.The design department provides customers with professional and reasonable engineering suggestions, and tailors reliable and stable refrigeration according to customer needs Plan.
3.The engineering department takesevery construction process seriously and meticulously completes every construction task,striving for CHINAMFG to createhigh-quality projects
4.The after-sales department is always ready and on standby to ensure the success of customers.

Packaging & Shipping




Q:What’s your advantage?
A: Through our professional designers according to your needs for your professional design, and select the appropriate refrigeration equipment. Ultimately, we achieve the purpose of high cooling efficiency, energy saving and power saving.

Q:How strong is your company?
A:Our company was established in 2011 and has a professional cold storage design team, installation team, and experienced after-sales maintenance personnel. We can provide a complete set of cold storage design, installation guidance, and after-sales maintenance services.

Q:Where are you?Can I visit you?
A: Sure,welcome to you visit our factory at any time.

Q:How about the delivery time?
A: Within 60 days after we confirm you requirement.

Q:what kind of payment does your company support?
A:Usually, a 30% down payment is made through T/T after confirming the Proforma Invoice (PI), and the balance will be paid after inspection and before shipment. We accept telegraphic transfer and sight letter of credit.

Q: When can I get the price?
A: Usually we quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

Q: Which shipping way can you provide?
A: We can provide shipping by sea, by air and by express.


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Type: Air-Cooled
Cooling Water: Industrial Water
System Type: Open System
Fans Species: Single-speed Fan
Noise Level: Low
Application Fields: Machinery


air compressor

What Is the Noise Level of Gas Air Compressors?

The noise level of gas air compressors can vary depending on several factors, including the compressor’s design, engine type, operating conditions, and the presence of noise-reducing features. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Compressor Design:

The design of the gas air compressor can influence its noise level. Some compressors are engineered with noise reduction in mind, utilizing features such as sound insulation, vibration dampening materials, and mufflers to minimize noise generation. Compressors with enclosed cabinets or acoustic enclosures tend to have lower noise levels compared to open-frame compressors.

2. Engine Type:

The type of engine used in the gas air compressor can impact the noise level. Gas air compressors typically use internal combustion engines powered by gasoline or propane. Gasoline engines tend to produce higher noise levels compared to diesel engines or electric motors. However, advancements in engine technology have led to quieter gasoline engines with improved noise control.

3. Operating Conditions:

The operating conditions of the gas air compressor can affect the noise level. Factors such as the load capacity, speed of operation, and ambient temperature can influence the amount of noise generated. Compressors operating at higher loads or speeds may produce more noise compared to those running at lower levels.

4. Noise-Reducing Features:

Some gas air compressors are equipped with noise-reducing features to minimize sound emissions. These may include built-in silencers, acoustic enclosures, or noise-absorbing materials. Such features help dampen the noise produced by the compressor and reduce its overall noise level.

5. Manufacturer Specifications:

Manufacturers often provide noise level specifications for their gas air compressors. These specifications typically indicate the sound pressure level (SPL) in decibels (dB) at a specific distance from the compressor. It is important to refer to these specifications to get an idea of the expected noise level of a particular compressor model.

6. Distance and Location:

The distance between the gas air compressor and the listener can impact the perceived noise level. As sound waves disperse, the noise level decreases with distance. Locating the compressor in an area that is isolated or distant from occupied spaces can help minimize the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

It is important to note that gas air compressors, especially those used in industrial or heavy-duty applications, can generate substantial noise levels. Occupational health and safety regulations may require the use of hearing protection for individuals working in close proximity to loud compressors.

Overall, the noise level of gas air compressors can vary, and it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and consider noise-reducing features when selecting a compressor. Proper maintenance, such as regular lubrication and inspection of components, can also help minimize noise levels and ensure optimal performance.

air compressor

Can Gas Air Compressors Be Used for Gas Line Maintenance?

Gas air compressors can be used for certain aspects of gas line maintenance, primarily for tasks that require compressed air. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Clearing Debris and Cleaning:

Gas air compressors can be utilized to clear debris and clean gas lines. Compressed air can be directed through the gas lines to dislodge and remove dirt, dust, rust particles, or other contaminants that may accumulate over time. This helps maintain the integrity and efficiency of the gas lines.

2. Pressure Testing:

Gas line maintenance often involves pressure testing to ensure the lines can withstand the required operating pressures. Gas air compressors can provide the necessary compressed air to pressurize the lines for testing purposes. By pressurizing the gas lines with compressed air, technicians can identify any leaks or weaknesses in the system.

3. Leak Detection:

Gas air compressors can also be used in conjunction with appropriate leak detection equipment to identify and locate gas leaks in the gas lines. Compressed air can be introduced into the lines, and the detection equipment can then identify any areas where the compressed air escapes, indicating a potential gas leak.

4. Valve and Equipment Maintenance:

Gas line maintenance may involve the inspection, maintenance, or replacement of valves and associated equipment. Compressed air can be used to clean and blow out debris from valves, purge lines, or assist in the disassembly and reassembly of components.

5. Pipe Drying:

Gas air compressors can aid in drying gas lines after maintenance or repairs. By blowing compressed air through the lines, any residual moisture can be removed, ensuring the gas lines are dry before being put back into service.

6. Precautions and Regulations:

When using gas air compressors for gas line maintenance, it is essential to follow safety precautions and adhere to relevant regulations. Gas line maintenance often involves working in hazardous environments, and proper training, equipment, and procedures must be followed to ensure the safety of personnel and the integrity of the gas system.

It is important to note that gas air compressors should not be used directly for pressurizing or transporting natural gas or other combustible gases. Gas line maintenance tasks involving gas air compressors primarily focus on using compressed air for specific maintenance and testing purposes, as outlined above.

In summary, gas air compressors can be useful for certain aspects of gas line maintenance, including clearing debris, pressure testing, leak detection, valve and equipment maintenance, and pipe drying. However, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines and regulations when working with gas lines and compressed air to ensure the safety and integrity of the gas system.

air compressor

What Is a Gas Air Compressor?

A gas air compressor is a type of air compressor that is powered by a gas engine instead of an electric motor. It uses a combustion engine, typically fueled by gasoline or diesel, to convert fuel energy into mechanical energy, which is then used to compress air. Here’s a detailed explanation of a gas air compressor:

1. Power Source:

A gas air compressor utilizes a gas engine as its power source. The engine can be fueled by gasoline, diesel, or other types of combustible gases, such as natural gas or propane. The combustion engine drives the compressor pump to draw in air and compress it to a higher pressure.

2. Portable and Versatile:

Gas air compressors are often designed to be portable and versatile. The gas engine provides mobility, allowing the compressor to be easily transported and used in different locations, including remote job sites or areas without access to electricity. This makes gas air compressors suitable for applications such as construction projects, outdoor activities, and mobile service operations.

3. Compressor Pump:

The compressor pump in a gas air compressor is responsible for drawing in air and compressing it. The pump can be of various types, including reciprocating, rotary screw, or centrifugal, depending on the specific design of the gas air compressor. The pump’s role is to increase the pressure of the incoming air, resulting in compressed air that can be used for various applications.

4. Pressure Regulation:

Gas air compressors typically feature pressure regulation mechanisms to control the output pressure of the compressed air. This allows users to adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the specific application. The pressure regulation system may include pressure gauges, regulators, and safety valves to ensure safe and reliable operation.

5. Applications:

Gas air compressors find applications in a wide range of industries and activities. They are commonly used in construction sites for powering pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, nail guns, and impact wrenches. Gas air compressors are also utilized in agriculture for operating air-powered machinery like sprayers and pneumatic seeders. Additionally, they are employed in recreational activities such as inflating tires, sports equipment, or inflatable structures.

6. Maintenance and Fuel Considerations:

Gas air compressors require regular maintenance, including engine servicing, oil changes, and filter replacements, to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The type of fuel used in the gas engine also needs to be considered. Gasoline-powered compressors are commonly used in smaller applications, while diesel-powered compressors are preferred for heavy-duty and continuous operation due to their higher fuel efficiency and durability.

Overall, a gas air compressor is an air compressor that is powered by a gas engine, offering mobility and versatility. It provides compressed air for various applications and is commonly used in construction, agriculture, and outdoor activities. Regular maintenance and fuel considerations are essential to ensure reliable operation and optimal performance.

China Best Sales Contamination Free Hydrogen Gas Membrane Compressor N2o Ammonia Diaphragm Compressor   12v air compressorChina Best Sales Contamination Free Hydrogen Gas Membrane Compressor N2o Ammonia Diaphragm Compressor   12v air compressor
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