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Protect Your PTO Shaft With a PTO Shaft Plastic Cover

The PTO shaft is a critical component of many farm equipment, such as tractors, rotavators, and mowers. Without proper protection, a person could be pulled into the PTO shaft at 540 RPM and 5 feet away. To protect yourself from such a hazard, purchase a PTO shaft guard or a PTO shaft plastic cover. This piece of equipment will prevent clothing accessories from becoming entangled in the rotating shaft.

When looking for the PTO Shaft plastic covers, you’ll want to look for slotted holes and screws that hold them onto the front drive shaft. Most PTO-driven implements are equipped with a fully-shielded PTO driveline, which protects the operator from accidental entanglement. The shield consists of plastic that surrounds the driveline shaft and includes bearings on both ends. The shield stops spinning when something contacts it, preventing accidental entanglement and injury. The ends of the driveline shield are bell-shaped to protect the universal joints on each end of the driveline, which can sometimes grab objects and entangle workers. Operators should never attempt to modify this shield to make maintenance easier.

PTO mishaps can result in severe injuries, including death. Despite these risks, equipment manufacturers have taken steps to minimize their risk through proper maintenance and protective gear. However, it is important to always keep the PTO shaft plastic cover in place. It prevents the risk of entanglement and shaft separation. By following these guidelines, you can keep your PTO safe and operational. Take a moment to consider the advantages of using a PTO shaft guard.

PTO Shaft Guard Features

Protect your PTO shaft with a guard kit. These PTO shaft plastic guards consist of 2 shields that mount the PTO drive shaft from the tractor to the implement. Our tractor PTO shaft covers are designed to withstand harsh conditions, UV light and ozone. All PTO shaft covers can be easily removed and replaced with guards. In addition, all PTO shaft guards made by us are CE certified. Here are the features of tractor PTO shaft covers.

  • PTO shaft plastic guards fit 48″ long integral drive systems.
  • These PTO shaft guards are quick and easy to assemble without tools, just use a simple tool such as a key, coin or screwdriver to remove the PTO guard.
  • Easier lubrication of the PTO drive shaft through the grease entry hole, so there is no need to remove the PTO guard for lubrication.
  • The black protective PTO shaft cover is UV and ozone resistant.
  • Our PTO shaft plastic cover provides full coverage at maximum angles.
  • As 1 of the mature PTO shaft cover suppliers, we produce high-quality PTO shaft plastic guards that meet and exceed all applicable safety standards.

PTO Shaft Plastic Guard Specification

Several types and different sizes of PTO shaft guards are available at Ever-power, 1 of the leading PTO shaft cover suppliers in China. Check more information as followed.


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